Argentina Reports gives a lowdown on the best drug-hiding techniques of the week

By May 24, 2018

Patricia Bullrich, Argentina’s Minister of Security, has been cracking down hard on drug trafficking recently and has been seeing some great results. This is great news for Argentina, but bad news for drug traffickers, who have had to find even more innovative ways to sneak narcotics in and out of the country. In this article, we’ll be looking at the week’s most interesting drug-hiding techniques, ranked from least to most interesting.

A lorry owner told police that he had been charged with moving a freezer. However, the police dog sensed something was up, alerting police officials who opened the freezer to find it stuffed full of marijuana, enough for 125,000 joints! Last place despite the sheer quantity of drugs due to a slightly conventional idea.

On May 18. Bullrich and her team found 850,000 pesos (around $34,500) of marijuana in PVC tubes that had been hidden in the underside of car seats in Misiones. Not just hidden in the car seats and not just hidden in the PVC tubes, this person gets points for commitment. Still didn’t work though.

May 18 saw police pulling over a lorry and using a drug scanner to check the driver’s goods. They ended up pulling apart what appeared to be a brand new television, which ended up holding 5kg of cocaine. Maybe the recipient wanted a more immersive experience while binge-watching Narcos.

Instead of helping when you’ve got the munchies, these cans of sweet guayaba paste will give you them instead. Policiales Cordoba reported that 13kg were found in the tins which were being transported by a Venezuelan and a Panamanian on May 21.

Last, and officially the most interesting drug trafficking attempt occured on May 23, when the Gendarmeria detained two men who were hiding nearly 85kg of marijuana in an ambulance.

The ambulance was carrying a young girl, her mother and a nurse to the Garrahan Hospital in Buenos Aires when they were stopped by the police who had been tipped off by criminal intelligence. The drugs were hidden in two suitcases and a box wrapped in black nylon of a strange size and weight, which called the attention of the policemen, who opened it to find 100 ‘bricks’ of the narcotic substance. Thankfully they managed to call a second ambulance to take the young girl to hospital.




Kudos to Patricia Bullrich and the Gendarmeria Nacional, who are working their fingers to the bone to have an #ArgentinaSinNarcotrafico (Argentina without Narcotrafficking)