The Queen of Holland flies to Argentina after her sister is found dead in Buenos Aires

By June 7, 2018

Inés Zorreguieta, the sister to the Queen of Holland, was found dead late Wednesday evening in her Buenos Aires home in Caballito.

The District Attorney’s office released a statement explaining that Zorreguieta’s mother and a friend had gone to her house at 10.50 p.m. on Wednesday because they had been unable to get in contact with her that day.

They entered the house with a spare set of keys and found the 33-year-old’s body in her bedroom, which prompted them to call 911. The mother had to be restrained by psychological assistance staff.

The case is being handled by Lawyer Cinthia Oberlander, and the District attorney’s statement implied that although initial findings point to a suicide, a cause of death is yet to be officially determined.

Zorreguieta is the youngest of seven siblings in the Dutch royal family, and was also the godmother of Queen Maxima’s youngest daughter Ariane, who is 11 years old.

The family, however, is no stranger to tragedy, as Zorreguieta’s death comes just one year after the death of her father, reports La Nacion. Five years ago, the family faced further loss when one of King Guillermo’s brothers, Frisco, was buried in an avalanche while skiing in Austria.

Dutch news source AD affirmed that they heard the tragic news this morning and immediately decided to fly to Argentina with her husband and three daughters, cancelling their planned public appearances on June 7 and 8.

Zorreguieta was known to have problems with depression, and she had suffered eating disorders which led her to be interned in a clinic in 2012, reported Clarin. The Spanish language newspaper also affirmed that Zorreguieta was Queen Maxima’s “favourite,” and for the past decade the queen had tried to encourage Zorreguieta to move back to Holland to finish her studies.