Two Israeli women found dead, son held as prime suspect

By January 28, 2019

After being missing for two weeks, the bodies of two Israeli sisters were found buried in a shallow grave and one of their sons is being held as the only suspect.

Pyrhia Sarussy (63) and Lily Pereg (54) were visiting Saroussy’s son Gilad Saroussy Pereg, who also calls himself Nicolás Gil Pereg two weeks ago. The son stated that the last time he saw his mother and aunt was that evening when he walked them to the bus stop. The next day he had plans with them, but was unable to locate them and the following day he reported them as missing to the authorities.

The two women’s bodies were discovered in a shallow grave on the son’s property, and the Public Ministry Office reported that at least one of them had been shot.

“One of the bodies presents bullet wounds as the cause of death (three shots),” the report read. “The other has not been shot but does show injuries from being dragged and injuries caused by self defense. The body also shows evidence of having been hit in different parts. We still haven’t determined the exact cause of death for the second body.”

La Nacion reported that the injuries were so bad that the authorities still have not identified which body is which.

The son is the prime suspect for the case, given that DNA taken from a toothbrush in the apartment the women were renting matches with blood found on his shirt and various articles in his house.

He has been in Argentina for 10 years, and helps to manage some of the businesses that his mother opened in the country. Clarin reported that he told people in the area that he was Norwegian and introduced himself as Floda Relith; an anagram of Adolf Hitler. Those that have done business with him remember him as being “strange, careless, violent, [and someone] who cheats others,” reported La Nacion, who added that he was also in nine million pesos (US$242,500) worth of debt.

The Jerusalem Post spoke to Moshe Pereg, the brother of the two victims, and said that his nephew had had issues with his mental health.

“Gilad had developed a mental disorder a few years ago,” he said. “He is also a real genius.”

In his house there is no furniture or basic services. The authorities found guns, around three million pesos (US$80,000) in dollars and euros, along with a number of cats, some of whom were dead.

If found guilty, he will be likely be sentenced to life for double murder. However, authorities reported that after being detained, he threatened to commit suicide if he wasn’t allowed to go home and look after his cats. Psychological experts have been asked to come in to evaluate his mental health.